We’ve been working hard so you can play harder!

We’ve released several new features for the month of December. We have social features such as Following. We added practice mode, and a whole slew of new activities. Also if you’re on android you’ll be in for an extra treat. Lets get started.

Following Players

If you’ve used twitter, then you know the value of the “following” feature.  Now you can follow players on MeetPlayWin, to get notified when a new game is posted. Follow a player by clicking on her picture anywhere in the app and clicking follow from her profile page. You can also see who that person is following and follow them from that page as well.

Following Places

Not only can you follow other users but now you can follow places. Imagine you’re an avid tennis player and you love playing at Kensington Tennis Center. Simply follow that location and now anytime someone creates a game, you get a notification. This makes it really easy to find new friends while playing in a familiar place.

Practice mode

When we launched MeetPlayWin, it was all about friendly competition so we only allowed players to setup versus games. We’ve listened to feedback and determined that users also want to setup practice games where several people can join and not have to pick a side. In the latest release we added practice mode! When creating a game, simply toggle the “Versus” switch on or off.

More Activities!

Enabling practice mode gave us the ability to add more activities that had nothing to do with competition. Initially players could only schedule Tennis and Table tennis matches. Now you can setup a Play Date for your three year old at a park and invite the neighbors or parents from your daycare to join in.

We’ve also added several other winter related activities such Skiing or Snowboarding. We make it easy to plan a trip to the mountains with just the right mix of new and trusted friends.

Find a Gym buddy, bowling teammates or just someone to shoot some pool.

We’ll be adding more activities, so let us know what interests you.

Progressive Web App

This one is a bit more technical but stay with me I promise you’ll like it. If you go to meetplaywin.com on your phone’s browser, you may get a popup like the one in this picture, asking you to add the app to your home screen. Go ahead and click the “add” button, Its safe. From now on you should get a more app-like experience than just using the web.  Our mobile apps are launching soon. In the meantime, try this out and feel free to brag to your friends that you’re using bleeding edge tech!

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